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An Update on Archbright Operations - Archbright

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our community, we wanted to provide an update on our operations during this time.

Our Seattle and Spokane offices are once again open to Archbright team-members. This is entirely voluntary. Before entering our workspace, team-members must complete a mandatory screening questionnaire. While at the office, face masks are required, as well as frequent hand-washing, and other protective measures are in place.

At this time, we are not yet welcoming guests to our Seattle or Spokane locations.

That being said, the majority of our employees continue to work from home. Our remote work policy and technical infrastructure allowed us to easily make this transition in March, and we continue to provide uninterrupted support to our members.

Our HR and Safety Hotlines remain open and fully staffed. Eligible members, please continue to email and call our advisors with any and all questions you may have about keeping your workplace safe, healthy, and compliant.

Our team is continually monitoring outbreak updates from the State of Washington, CDC, and WHO. We are regularly updating our website and Toolkit with critical information employers need to know to maintain a safe workplace and protect employee health and privacy.

We have made all of our COVID-19 Toolkit resources, including webinar recordings, available to all members. Simply log in to, and you will find the COVID-19 Resources Page under the Member Home section of the website.

All public training classes will be delivered virtually through the end of Q3. These classes are open for registration on our website.

We have canceled all public and onsite First Aid classes for the foreseeable future. We will not add these back to our schedule until they can be delivered safely.

Members with an Archbright HR or Safety Consultant working onsite must complete our COVID-19 Safety Checklist prior to our consultant reporting to that location. If the member meets our safety requirements:

  • Consultants must complete a daily health screening for Archbright and the member for each day they plan to be physically onsite at the member’s location.
  • Consultants must wear face masks, frequently wash their hands, and practice social distancing at all times while onsite at the member’s location.

Our highest priority at Archbright remains to protect the health of our community, members, and employees while we deliver much-needed support and services.

We will continue to keep you informed of how we are addressing member needs in light of changing restrictions and community conditions. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to or your Account Executive directly.

Please stay safe, and as always, thank you for your continued membership.

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Archbright Team Member