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As a company grows, the ad-hoc way of doing HR no longer works. Not only do federal laws start to kick in, but the day-to-day HR tasks of hiring, firing, policies, leaves, and benefits become more time-consuming and complex.

It’s time for an HR department.

Building Your
HR Department

We’ll take you through a 3-step process and designs an integrated plan to build the HR department your company needs.

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Step 1

HR Mechanics Assessment


First, we perform an HR Mechanics Assessment. Our consultant meets with you onsite to learn more about your business and reviews your existing files, policies, and practices. We focus on compliance and the other HR Mechanics needed for an effective HR department.

Step 2

HR Talent


Next, we help you fill your HR role with the right talent in one of two ways:

  • If you have someone already handling specific HR tasks, or someone you are considering moving in to the role, we perform an HR Talent Assessment. This two-part process provides you with information on the person’s suitability and their overall HR knowledge.
  • If you don’t have an internal candidate, we will help you with Recruitment. For 60 days, we will post the position, screen candidates, and provide you with a list of finalists to interview.

Step 3

Readiness Scorecard and Roadmap


Based on the HR Mechanics and HR Talent Assessments, we create a Readiness Scorecard to provide insight on the relative ease, or difficulty, of starting your HR department. This includes a Start-Up Roadmap and timeframe for ramping up your HR department. We make recommendations on priorities, but you own the plan and set the timing and pace.