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Employers have a legal right to educate employees about the benefits of remaining union-free. For example, an employer may make it clear that they prefer to remain non-union, and why, but they must not communicate the message in any way that may appear threatening or coercive.

This course provides both basic and in-depth training to C Suite, Managers, and Supervisors about the issues that are often a root cause of employee organizing efforts and how to respond in a legally compliant manner.

Topics covered include:

  • Labor Law Review, including Regional Unionization Trends and Targeted Industries
  • Causes of Employee Organizing
  • How Unions Organize
  • Signs of Union Organizing Activity
  • Do’s and Don’ts on Responding to Union Organizing
  • Benefits of Remaining Union Free
  • Realities of Managing a Union Workforce
  • Best Practices on Employee Relations to Maintain a Nonunion Workforce

This course is taught by an experienced Labor Attorney.

For private team trainings, our instructor will work with your management team to incorporate applicable policies and/or industry specific vulnerabilities into the training.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Have a practical understanding of how unions affect the workplace
  • How and why employees organize
  • How to respond in a legal and strategic manner

This program is designed for:

Supervisors and Managers


3 hours

Type of Delivery:

Virtual Classroom

HRCI Credits:

Not eligible

This class is not currently scheduled.