About Us

About Us

About Us

Providing proven expertise since 1936.

We are the people experts for your people challenges (big and small) at work.

At our core, we offer easy access to expert HR, safety, and legal advice through an affordable annual membership. Our focus is helping companies elevate workplace performance.


With three membership levels to choose from, employers can align our services with their needs and budget.

Benefits may include access to our HR Hotline, On-Call Safety Advice, our online HR & Safety Resources, Employment Law and Labor Law advice, Compensation Survey Data, and more. 

Members can also purchase additional services that span every stage of the employer-employee relationship, including HR Consulting, Employee and Leadership Training, Safety & Workers’ Compensation, and Labor Relations. And all at a price and quality unmatched in the marketplace!

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Our Story


We were founded by a group of employers who saw a need for a business league to help promote employer cooperation and coordination in the field of labor and employee relations.


We became Washington Employers. This allowed us to expand and provide additional services.


We added Group Healthcare and Pension Plans.


Our Workers’ Compensation Program was born.

1990s & 2000s

We expanded again to add HR services, including HR and Compensation Consulting, Employee and Leadership Training, and more.


We added our Retirement program and at the same time became Archbright.


We expanded our Spokane team to increase our level of service for our Eastern Washington and Idaho members.


We joined our Kent and Seattle-based teams into one office in Georgetown, Seattle’s oldest neighborhood.


We launched mozzo, our new online platform designed to connect members to our expert HR and safety resources—and to each other.

Let us help you.

For over 87 years, we have helped our members improve business outcomes and mitigate risk. We look forward to the next 87 years.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Creating the IDEAL workplace!

Archbright is an ideal place to work where we encourage everyone to bring their authentic, best self every day. We believe our employees should feel respected and included for their individual identities, backgrounds, perspectives, and passions. Together, through our diverse set of voices, we inspire each other, innovate, and use our influence to support removing systemic inequities at Archbright and our business community.

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