Affirmative Action Plans

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Let us create your customized, compliant Affirmative Action Plan.

We can help you navigate the labyrinth of paperwork and shifting regulations.


Affirmative Action Plans (AAP) must be created each year and require extensive statistical data with accompanying narratives. They can be time consuming to complete due to federal regulations that seem to be constantly changing.

We have been preparing AAPs for over 20 years.

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You are required under federal law to have a written affirmative action plan in place if:

Your organization has at least 50 employees AND meets one or more of these three criteria:

  • You have $50,000 or more in federal contracts/subcontracts per year.

  • You supply product/services that total $50,000 or more to companies that have federal contracts/subcontracts and 50 or more employees.

  • You serve as a depository of government funds or act as an agent for U.S. Savings Bonds and notes.

Our AAP Plans Include:

Data Collection
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Data Scrubbing
Data Analysis
Plan Creation

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