Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Creating the IDEAL Workplace. 

IDEAL stands for inclusion, diversity, equity, accessibility, and leadership. IDEAL means creating a place to work where employees are encouraged to bring their authentic, best self every day. 

Interested in creating, growing, or maturing DEI at your organization? 

Our services include Discovery, Education, and Consulting


Discovery Services

IDEAL discovery services assess DEI maturity and engagement in your organization and include both quantitative and qualitative options. 

These services are a way to build and maintain the foundational phase of DEI in your organization. With each of our discovery services, you’ll receive a summary of our findings and an executive debrief for your organization’s senior leadership team. 



EES+ DEI Pulse Survey
Our Employee Engagement Survey (EES) + DEI Pulse Survey gathers general engagement data of employees and correlates it to diversity, equity, and inclusion measures and perceptions. These breakouts can assess if engagement at your organization is directly tied to DEI or not. 
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DEI Pre-Training Survey
The pre-training survey is an opportunity for organizations to understand the educational needs and interests of staff. The pre-training survey will assess employee familiarity and comfort with different DEI topics. It will also assess employee interest in different DEI topics as well as the structure of the training. The pre-training survey is administered prior to the start of a training or training series.
DEI Post-Training Survey
The post-training survey is an opportunity to measure participant learning and development post-training. The post-training survey is delivered after a DEI training or series of training. The survey also gathers data on future training topics. 


Focus Groups
For a deeper dive into key aspects of the organization’s assessment results and to better assess employee perspective, we will facilitate focus group interviews with a subset of employees, including underrepresented groups, or with the senior leadership team. These sessions are confidential and anonymous, and the information is handled with sensitivity and compassion.  
One-on-One Interviews
To create more anonymity, we also offer one-on-one interviews with a subset of employees or with the senior leadership team. One benefit of one-on-one interviews is to build trust and safety. 

DEI Workshops

These private team trainings can be conducted virtually or in-person, facilitated by a subject matter expert, and handled with sensitivity and compassion.  

Trainings are designed to be interactive and engaging with opportunities for breakout groups, whole group discussion, and individual reflection. There are opportunities to create training sessions demographically (caucus) or by job family/organizational level.

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Engaging in Difficult Conversations in the Workplace

Learn strategies on how to navigate challenging situations when discussing complex topics at your organization. This is a foundational, yet challenging training that will help pave the way for braver conversations about DEI-related topics of interest.


Understanding Unconscious Bias

In this interactive training, participants will better understand the origins of their unconscious biases as well as the impacts that can occur from our actions. They will gain better insight into common misconceptions, learn different types of unconscious biases in the workplace, and how social constructs can impact our beliefs.


Strategies to Combat Microaggressions

Words, gestures, and actions can be perceived negatively, regardless of intent. Participants will learn strategies on how to respond to microaggressions, and how to demonstrate accountability if they are the offender of a microaggression. This training will challenge participants to shift their mindset, take accountability for their actions, and have the courage to better support underrepresented groups.


One-Hour Debrief

DEI training can be a lot to process. Our one-hour debrief is a virtual session held approximately one week following the training session. During the debrief, participants have an additional opportunity to speak courageously about their thoughts, and curiosity, or to ask questions. The debrief starts with a whole group discussion followed by small breakout sessions.


Our IDEAL consultants are experts in their field.   

They are available for short or long-term consulting projects. Projects are customized to meet an organization’s needs, and can range from supporting the implementation of the strategic plan, partnering with HR or recruiting teams to help eliminate barriers and bias in the system, advising on policies, procedures, and practices to be more inclusive and equitable, handling difficult conversations, and more nuanced situations.

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Supporting DEI Community Groups in the Workplace

A DEI community group can be a DEI Council or Committee, an Employee Resource Group (ERG), or an Affinity Group. Our IDEAL consultants will work with your organization to build an understanding of the difference between the three groups, learn how to effectively launch a group, how to write charters, recruit, strategize, advocate for sponsorship, and empower from within. We’ll also work with senior leaders to understand their role, responsibility, and accountability in supporting a DEI Community Group.  


Let Archbright help you on your DEI journey. For more information about IDEAL Services, email us at info@archbright.com.

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