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A diverse and inclusive workplace culture increases employee engagement, reduces discrimination and harassment, improves decision-making, lowers turnover, strengthens financial performance, and so much more.

Introducing Archbright Advance

To create positive change and increase inclusivity in your workplace, Archbright Advance identifies your organization’s current state, helps develop your Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Roadmap, and delivers impactful employee training for lasting change.

Move your organization’s D&I journey forward in a purposeful way with Archbright Advance.

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There are countless opportunities to embrace and engage the differences of the people with whom we work, yet many business leaders do not feel prepared or equipped with the right tools to be successful.

Archbright Advance can help.

Phase 1 includes the Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment™ for individuals and the organization.

Designed to help encourage conversation and facilitate education of diversity and inclusion, the Spectra Assessment is delivered to leadership, employees, managers, and supervisors.

Two reports are produced: one for the individual and one for the organization.

Once collected, our team analyzes the data, evaluating both the ‘outer ring’ of Management, Culture, and the 3Ps (Policies, Practices and Procedures) and the ‘inner ring’ of Individual Beliefs and Interpersonal Skills.

Only by looking at both the inner and outer rings is it possible to see the entire D&I picture and understand what strategies may have the greatest impact on your organization.


The outer ring makes up management, culture, policies, practices, and procedure found in the organization report. The inner ring makes up beliefs and interpersonal skills found in the individual report.

Phase 2 includes D&I Consulting, focus groups, and planning for change.

Once the Spectra Assessment is completed, we analyze the results and prepare an Executive Briefing for your organization’s senior leadership team.

Next, we facilitate focus group sessions with a subset of your employees for a deeper dive into key aspects of the organization assessment results.

After the focus group sessions, we summarize our findings and report them to the senior leadership team.
We then facilitate a half-day D&I Roadmap Session to help leadership develop a 6 to 24-month plan that will bring about positive change and greater inclusion.

Phase 3 includes the delivery of our D&I training for your employees.

This full-day training incorporates each employee’s individual Spectra Diversity Inclusion Assessment into the learning.

After finishing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Define both diversity and inclusion for the organization.
  • Discuss their personal Spectra Assessment results in terms of how it has helped or may hinder their performance in the workplace.
  • Increase awareness of their personal cultural lens and how that lens impacts others around diversity issues.
  • Commit to skill building with an individual action plan.

To better understand others, it is important to begin with understanding oneself. Through increased self-awareness, employees are able to identify the belief systems that drive their behavior and choose to adapt to be more inclusive of others in the workplace.

After training is completed and over the next 3 business quarters, your Archbright Consultant will check-in with the leadership team on the organization’s progress and provide guidance on your D&I change initiatives.

Let Archbright help you on your D&I journey. For more information about Archbright Advance, email us at