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Our Wage & Compensation Survey is a comprehensive benchmark of wage, salaries, and bonus data.

We are proud to offer one of the largest and most comprehensive pay surveys for the Pacific Northwest. Wage, salaries, and bonus data is from non-exempt, exempt, and executive level positions from organizations throughout Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Participation for the 2022 Wage & Compensation Survey has closed.

Survey Reports will be available in June.

If you already completed the Pay Survey this year, we are now publishing it under the name Wage & Compensation Survey.


Archbright Members who participate in the Annual Wage & Compensation Survey receive for free:

  • The Full Subscription including:

    • The Wage Report | Contains exempt and non-exempt pay data from for-profit and nonprofit organizations

    • The Nonprofit Report | Contains pay data collected from nonprofit organizations and includes executive compensation data

    • The Executive Report | Contains executive compensation data for both for-profit and nonprofit organizations

Participating non-members receive reports at 50% off the regular price!

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Questions about the survey?

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The 2021 Regional Pay Survey includes 527 jobs from 553 participating employers.

The 2021 Regional Pay Survey Methodology & Demographics Report