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Get Rewarded with ReClaim

Get Rewarded with ReClaim

If you don’t currently qualify for the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) Retrospective Rating program (otherwise knowns as Retro) , you can qualify for Archbright’s ReClaim. And if you’re not participating in ReClaim, you’re missing an opportunity to add to your bottom line.

As a ReClaim participant, just like in Retro , you may be eligible for refunds while improving both claims management and safety performance for your company.

The Importance of Effective Claims Management

A workers’ compensation claim can impact your workers’ compensation insurance premium for three years. How? Each claim affects your experience factor, set by L&I, which determines the amount of premium that you pay. The specific years impacted depend on when the claim occurs, but the result is the same. Without consistent, effective claims management throughout the life of each of your claims, your experience factor can increase and result in higher insurance premiums to pay for years to come. Find out more about the experience factor on L&I’s website.

How Does ReClaim Work?

There are two main parts of Archbright’s ReClaim program: claims management and safety.
As an employer, you will at some point have an employee get injured on the job. It is an unfortunate reality of any workplace. You want to make sure you resolve this claim efficiently and thoroughly while doing right by the employee.

Claims against your company can quickly snowball into much larger (and more expensive) problems if not handled appropriately and in a timely matter.

Because managing claims can be a complicated and time-consuming process, ReClaim provides full-service workers’ comp claims management. Your dedicated claims team manages all of your claims, regardless of severity, from beginning to end.

The sooner a claim is managed following an injury, the better the outcome will be for both you, the employer, and the injured employee. If left unmanaged, even small claims can unnecessarily escalate into significant losses for your company.

ReClaim also provides safety support and services. Because the goal should be accident prevention, Archbright’s Loss Control Analyst and Safety Team will help you ensure your employees are not getting injured on the job. In addition to all required safety orientations and training, one key recommendation that can dramatically reduce on-the-job accidents is to have each employee fill out a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) when they start their job or move to a new work area. This helps the worker understand the hazards they may encounter.

Accidents happen, so it is essential to educate employees on safety protocols, especially those performing strenuous activities or dealing with dangerous equipment. However, it is important to provide education to all employees because even minor accidents can lead to claims against your company.

In addition to Archbright’s experts managing your claims and providing safety support and services, as a ReClaim participant, you could also earn a refund on your service fee each year for improving your safety performance.

What Are the Benefits of ReClaim?

Similar to the (L&I) Retrospective Rating program that pools the group’s workers’ compensation premium and distributes refunds of unused premium back out to the group, Archbright ReClaim pools the service fees participating organizations pay to Archbright. Archbright then takes 30% of that service fee each year and distributes refunds to the best-performing companies enrolled in the program. The better your company performs, the higher the refund.

Not all companies qualify for a Retro program, whereas any company can participate in

Archbright ReClaim, regardless of industry, premium size, or past performance.

All ReClaim participants receive the following claims management services:

  • Quick response to claims notifications, minimizing costs and expediting claims management intervention
  • Evaluation of all claims, looking for patterns and cost containment strategies that may have gone unnoticed
  • Prioritization of all L&I correspondence to drive claims forward and keep you advised on their status
  • Administration of L&I’s Stay-At-Work reimbursement program, so participants receive additional dollars from L&I

Also, ReClaim includes these safety services:

  • Access to the Archbright Safety Hotline to ask unlimited safety questions during any business day from 8 am to 5 pm
  • A recurring financial review to uncover your actual workers’ comp costs and analyze your claims losses to determine where improvement is needed
  • Periodic inspections of your work areas to determine if there are safety risks, including a review of safety compliance issues, as well as machine guarding, ergonomic, and slip-and-fall hazards Safety program templates and program reviews to ensure worker safety and to help avoid costly workplace compliance citations
  • Access to Safety Training programs, with preparation assistance so you can train your managers and your employees

In addition to helping lower your workers’ compensation premium and easing the burden of claims management, improved safety means fewer absences, less pressure on other employees to fill in for the injured worker, and fewer interruptions to productivity.

Improving claims management and safety practices can also improve your company’s reputation and positively impact future hiring. The power of online forums such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn have made it easy for past or current employees to share their experiences with their employer, good and bad, with the click of a mouse. If those experiences are negative and safety is being called into question, this may deter potential job prospects from applying for or accepting a job with your company.

Workplace safety impacts the entire employee lifecycle, including increasing job satisfaction. Employees don’t leave dangerous workplaces because they know their employer cares about their wellbeing and safety.

Ready to Learn More?

If you had considered joining a Retro program but do not yet qualify due to performance reasons, or if you need additional claims management and safety support in your organization, ReClaim is an excellent option. It’s one-of-a-kind. Nowhere else can you improve your safety performance and potentially earn a refund outside of a Retro program. And once your safety performance improves and you then qualify for Retro, you may have an opportunity to earn a higher refund through your Retro provider.

For more information on Archbright ReClaim, call us at 206.329.1120 or 509.381.1635 or email info@archbright.com.

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