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Workers Compensation

Injured Worker Compensation. Broken Arm African Man On Computer

5 min read

Workers' Comp in Washington State: Five Common Questions

It is no secret that workers' compensation laws in Washington are complex—even a seemingly straightforward claim can become complicated under closer...

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Saving money - red piggy bank with multicolored newspaper percentage adverts

4 min read

Retrospective Rating—Earning Financial Rewards with Safety Initiatives

Now, more than ever, Washington businesses are ‘feeling the pinch.’ Revenue margins are slimming while expectations from both internal and external...

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Diversity Large Group of People Multiethnic Concept

4 min read

Benefits of Washington’s Preferred Worker Program

Did you know Washington State has a financial incentive program for employers called the Preferred Worker Program? The program, offered by the...

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Young businessman has injury and uses crutches. Close up of crutches on background of concentrated man working on laptop in office. Medical equipment and business concept. Selective focus.

4 min read

Tips & Tricks to Get Your Full Reimbursement From Your Stay at Work

Washington Labor and Industries’ Stay-at-Work (SAW) program is an incentive program that reimburses employers for providing light duty accommodations...

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Workers in manufacturing workshop at plant of Group of companies

2 min read

2023 Washington Workers’ Comp Rate Adjustments

Employers in Washington have two options for workers’ compensation insurance—they can either be self-insured or purchase their insurance from the...

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Close-up Of A Businessperson`s Hand With Hand Injury Using Laptop

4 min read

Stay at Work: Getting Money Back for Light-Duty Accommodations

Despite employers’ best efforts to ensure safe working conditions for employees, workplace injuries can still happen, which are hard for everyone...

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three workers reviewing a list

4 min read

Experience Modification Rate–What Employers in Washington Need to Know

In Washington State, the workers’ compensation insurance landscape is unique compared to the rest of the country. Almost all employers with...

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worker at desk with left arm in cast, right hand working on paperwork

1 min read

Happy 10th Birthday to Washington’s Stay at Work Program!

In 2012, Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries initiated a formal Stay at Work program to incentivize employers to utilize light-duty...

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Woman sitting at office desk with tissues and cup of tea with lemon

7 min read

Your Questions About COVID-19, Workers' Compensation, OSHA Logs, Vaccines, & More

For the first time in history, employers have had to navigate workers’ compensation insurance during a global pandemic. It seems that just as quickly...

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3 min read

Archbright’s Manufacturing Retro Program: A Nice Piece of the Pie

In 1981 L&I started offering a voluntary Retrospective Rating program, also known as “retro.” Retro programs are safety incentive programs providing...

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