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How To Get Your CEO To Love You

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As an HR professional, I spent years working my tail off to prove my value, prove that HR was an important department, prove that HR was needed. I was probably about 10-15 years into my HR career before I had a light bulb moment that changed the way I viewed my role as an HR professional. I was at a SHRM conference...

Fostering a Healthy Culture in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

The post-pandemic workplace is going to look, feel, behave, and operate differently than before, and many of these changes may be permanent. It is more important than ever for leadership teams around the world to invest real time, energy, and commitment to their work environments, and in particular, their employees,...

Strategies to Attract & Retain Employees During and After COVID-19

Your organization is most likely experiencing some level of economic fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. Across the Pacific Northwest, we see companies struggling to keep up and stretching themselves in ways they have never experienced before or anticipated a few months ago. Including those that had to close earlier...
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