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Man threatening another man, displaying workplace violence

Behavioral Threat Assessment in the Workplace: An Interview with Dr. Lynn Van Male

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Workplace violence continues to be a serious concern for employers, and HR professionals and other business leaders must remain vigilant for potential threats in their workplace. Senior HR Advisor, Mark Nelson, sat down with Lynn Van Male, Ph.D., CTM, an accomplished consultant specializing in behavioral threat...

Recruiting Team of One: Eleven Tips for Recruiting a Variety of Positions - Archbright

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Are you the company’s HR generalist who also helps with recruiting? Or maybe you are the office manager who wears HR, operations, and many other hats? Or, you could be an official recruiter navigating alone. Whether it has always been this way, or it is a more recent development, you are a recruiting team of one.

Balancing Your Workforce Strategy With Versatile Employees - Archbright

Hybrid cars are not the only newest fad – so are hybrid jobs, especially in small to mid-sized businesses. A hybrid job is when an employee is expected to spend a portion of their day or week performing duties that aren’t traditionally included in their primary job. For example, an employee might spend 50% of their...

Five Reasons Updated Job Descriptions Matter - Archbright

A job description is a useful tool to describe a position’s tasks, duties, functions, and responsibilities. They form the foundation for many important processes such as job postings, recruitment, selection, wage and hour classifications, setting expectations, compensation, training, performance management, and...

10 Holiday Considerations for Employers - Archbright

The holiday season of Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is when several religious and secular holidays occur. While the accompanying festivities can fill many with joy, others can feel left out, and misunderstandings can occur – not to mention potential liability issues for employers. Avoid common holiday season...