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Pregnancy, business, work and people concept - pregnant businesswoman sitting at office

2 min read

Making Room for Pregnancy on the Job: The Pregnant Worker’s Fairness Act and PUMP for Nursing Mothers Act

More than 45 years after the passage of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), pregnant and nursing employees still face challenges in the workplace. This is particularly true in professions that require physical activities that may pose difficulty...

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Safety helmet put on the table, high vocational Training, Demonstration of high altitude, to explain the safety knowledge in factory.

5 min read

New Year, New Safety Training Opportunities

The beginning of the year is a classic catalyst to “start fresh,” an opportunity to take stock and improve anything that was not optimal in the prior...

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Four diverse business people colleagues participate virtual team meeting on video conference call. Social distance workers having remote videoconference online chat. Computer videocall app screen view

3 min read

Taking it Virtual: The Benefits of Remote HR Consulting

Due to the pandemic, many organizations began the move to more virtual operations, which included consulting engagements. With the pandemic mostly...

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Welcome to our team! Business people in smart casual wear shaking hands while working in the creative office

2 min read

Re-Evaluate Your Independent Contractors This New Year

Independent contractors are integral to businesses. They are used to provide specific skills or experience, assist with limited-scope projects or...

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Portrait of three happy multi ethnic coworkers together at the office

2 min read

Building the Relationship with Direct Reports

The new year is a welcome time to take stock and refresh management practices. With staffing challenges and knowledge that positive employee...

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Wooden blocks with symbol of osha concept

7 min read

OSHA 300: Common Questions, COVID-19, and Potential Changes

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires many employers with 11 or more employees to follow recordkeeping requirements,...

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Young businessman has injury and uses crutches. Close up of crutches on background of concentrated man working on laptop in office. Medical equipment and business concept. Selective focus.

4 min read

Tips & Tricks to Get Your Full Reimbursement From Your Stay at Work

Washington Labor and Industries’ Stay-at-Work (SAW) program is an incentive program that reimburses employers for providing light duty accommodations...

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Industry 4.0 technology concept - Smart factory for fourth industrial revolution with icon graphic showing automation system by using robots and automated machinery controlled via internet network

4 min read

Employee Training: A Retrospective Analysis to Prepare for the Future of Work

With 2023 on the horizon, it’s awe-inspiring to reflect on last year’s accomplishments and, more so, how the way we work has forever changed since...

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image of a heart drawn on a window with a sunrise in the background

4 min read

How To Get Your CEO To Love You

As an HR professional, I spent years working my tail off to prove my value, prove that HR was an important department, prove that HR was needed. I...

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big tractor cleans road from snow in the winter. seasonal work, cold, weather, white, ice, machine, removal, vehicle, outdoor, snowplow, truck, nature, blizzard, transportation, urban, wheel, tree, city, clear, snowfall, storm, cleaning, driving, street, moving, industry, bucket, frost, landscape, blade, excavator, dump, snowy, service, wheeled, worker, path, environment, snowstorm, loader, industrial, plowing

2 min read

Staying Ahead of Cold Weather Injuries

Cold weather can be more than uncomfortable; prolonged exposure can lead to severe illness. As the darker, wet, and often chilly months approach in...

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