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How To Get Your CEO To Love You

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As an HR professional, I spent years working my tail off to prove my value, prove that HR was an important department, prove that HR was needed. I was probably about 10-15 years into my HR career before I had a light bulb moment that changed the way I viewed my role as an HR professional. I was at a SHRM conference...
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Adopting an E-Signature Policy Provides Clarity to Employees and Protection for Employers

As we near the end of the year and employers check what policies and practices might need to be added, amended, or clarified, they often overlook their e-signature policy. With the rise in digitalization of onboarding documents and remote work, many employers rely on electronic signatures, or e-signatures, when...
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Stay at Work: Getting Money Back for Light-Duty Accommodations

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Despite employers’ best efforts to ensure safe working conditions for employees, workplace injuries can still happen, which are hard for everyone involved. Injured workers often worry about their recovery and potential financial hardships if they cannot work due to their injury. Employers may be concerned about the...
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Union Awareness: Top 5 Issues That Non-Employers Should Look Out For

After vowing to be the most pro-union president in history, President Biden took steps literally from day one to achieve that goal. On his inauguration day, President Biden called for the resignation of the Trump-appointed National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) General Counsel and later appointed former union...
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