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Chemical Safety: Understanding and Maintaining Safety Data Sheets

Is your organization one of the millions of workplaces in the U.S. that uses chemicals? Chemicals are found in numerous industries and used in a wide variety of tasks, from cleaning products to farming to manufacturing processes. Although helpful, if not correctly addressed, chemicals can present an array of health...
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HR FAQ: Can my employee use their sick time to stay home with their child in the summer because there’s no school?

Answer: The answer in both Washington and Oregon is no—unless the child is home because they are sick. The Washington and Oregon sick leave laws allow employees to use sick leave if the child’s school or place of care has been closed for any health-related reason. Being closed for summer break or a caregiver that...
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Get Ready - New Washington Heat & Wildfire Smoke Requirements Coming

Nestled in the Pacific Northwest, Washington State is known for its temperate climate. However, that doesn’t mean the region doesn’t experience hot weather. Higher than average temps have already started plaguing the state this year, and unfortunately, wildfires are usually not far behind when temperatures increase....
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Unlimited PTO: Unique Employee Perk or Risky Employer Pitfall?

The rise in remote work has increasingly prompted employers to embrace workplace flexibility in other areas besides just their employee’s work location. They’ve discovered that employees can thrive when they are trusted to manage their own time and work assignments. An emerging workplace trend that aligns with this...
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